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Wild Fraser River Sockeye ~ photo : David Lambroughton

Wild Fraser River Sockeye ~ photo courtesy of David Lambroughton

THERE ARE STRENGTH IN NUMBERS… Mother Nature is living proof that the process of natural selection can overcome any odds; even more so when there are many of a kind or species. Wild salmon are a classic example of what Mother Nature is capable of IF we honour and respect the living gifts that have been placed in our care.

Just as there is ‘strength in numbers’, these numbers are derived from a ‘singularity’. In the case of wild salmon, this singularity is comprised of two unique living creatures… one male and one female …by divine design to ensure the species will procreate and prosper.

With the pressures that we, as thinking creatures with a free will, impose upon Mother Nature, it should be foremost in our minds to leave Mother Nature to what she does best… species adapting to their environs as this changes over time. To right the wrongs of the present day ‘status quo’, we will only realize a solution IF we raise our collective consciousness to a state that respects, protects and nourishes wild salmon. To quote the wise words of one wild salmon warrior…

“The people are rekindling the bright fire of our ancestors and we are carrying it through the darkness of these times when people in power follow the lure of greed, materialism and ambitions to ever-expand businesses like big oil and open-net fish farms around the world at the expense of desecrating sacred Mother Earth with pollution. We are growing in putting our torches of enlightenment to raise the consciousness of the people in a new direction for the well-being of future generations. When we all do this, we will have plenty for everyone, and we will honour those ancestors who left us the vision of being in balance and harmony with Mother Earth. Let us follow these sacred laws in our own enlightened collective best interest.”   –  Eddie Gardner

Eddie Gardner, of the Skwah First Nation and a Wild Salmon Warrior Elder, speaks plainly and clearly… putting our torches of enlightenment to raise the consciousness of the people in a new direction …is ‘the’ solution to changing the status quo, to transform the present by collaborating on a future that ensures wild salmon thrive and prosper as these iconic fish were destined to do so.

As with wild salmon, Wild Salmon Forever represents ‘the many’ by including individuals as the core building block to realize our ‘strength in numbers’. Wild Salmon Forever asks you to make a difference on behalf of wild salmon… raise your consciousness, then raise your voiceit will make a difference!

Wild Salmon Forever
Then. Now. Forever.

Wild Salmon Forever

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