The Essence of Wild Salmon

Spawning Fraser River sockeye salmon :: David Lambroughton

Salmon :: Wisdom ~ Inner-knowing

SALMON – DESPITE STRONG RIVER CURRENTS – WILL ALWAYS RETURN to the place of its creation. Its determination is driven by the wisdom of instinct and inner-knowing, which yields a sense of purpose that cannot be stopped by outside forces. Salmon tell US to trust our gut feelings and inner-knowing.

“Salmon teach US to see every bend in the river as a new adventure, with a lesson WE need to learn, to grow, even when the flow of life seems to push us back, WE can tap the hidden resources of OUR human spirit.”   –  excerpt by Jamie Sams

To fully appreciate the symbolic meanings of fish… WILD SALMON …we must first consider their watery realm.

WATER holds ancient symbolic meanings dealing with the subconscious and depth of knowledge. Water contains all the mysteriousness of the unknown. Consider the shadowy depths of the ocean, we never know quite what to expect there. Even experienced oceanic explorers are still awed by their findings from the deep. Water holds endless mystery to us, it represents that which is certainly there, but cannot be seen. Water has also been known to be a womb symbol and, as such, an emblem of birth, fertility and femininity.

Fish, in general, hold some main symbolic meanings… there is transformation, knowledge, happiness, good luck, creativity and eternity.

With Salmon as a Totem, it will often signal one of these senses being awakened… visions, prophetic dreams or clairaudience. There will be greater contact with the spiritual realm. Salmon are also associated with knowledge.

Salmon can teach us to adapt to all environments… they can teach us to streamline our lives… they can give us protection when we need it… and connect us to the creative element of life… WATER. Salmon swimming upstream symbolizes the evolution of the spirit. They reveal the strength of the currents of our lives and see clearly in the dim waters of the future.

Eagle Feeding on Wild SalmonSalmon strive to return home after a long journey. This powerful creature has long been a Totem to the coastal Native American peoples, and is a source of STRENGTH and POWER for many tribes. Salmon live in salt water for much of their lives, then travel upstream through fresh water to deposit their eggs. The newborn salmon begin the cycle again, descending to the oceans to feed and grow, capturing essential nutrients for their journey home.

Salmon help us attune to our own natural cycles and rhythms, and remind us to flow with our environment. Salmon is highly nourishing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, bringing us strength and serenity.

Salmon usually return to their place of origin every five to seven years. They have solid bonds with their history. For those with this Totem, life changes are prominent within this time span and, at the end of a cycle, new beginnings surface. Swimming upstream and overcoming all obstacles is part of what the Salmon teaches us.

Because its origins are so important, Salmon remind us to honour our true heritage. Those with Birth Totem Salmon have strong spiritual desires and work tirelessly to manifest them. Salmon Totem people are resilient and can keep at it when others cannot. They are home-loving, giving and sensitive. They are also very imaginative and sometimes moody.

Salmon people have wisdom and strength of purpose. They are usually blessed with longevity and old age. They move gracefully through friction and disturbances. Salmon people also have great determination, energy and enthusiasm to see tasks through to the end, much like the Salmon on the spawning journey. Although sometimes arrogant, their warmth wins others over. They are bold and uncompromising in their views, which makes them very convincing. They are tough on the exterior, yet inwardly, they are tender-hearted and can be easily hurt. These dramatic people often inflate problems out of proportion. Salmon people are extremely generous, creative, trusting and proud.

Birth Totem Salmon honours every experience in life as an assemblage of wisdom. The proper use of inner-knowing comes when we flow with our true feelings, embracing all experiences we meet in life as learning lessons rather than hardships. The silver in Salmon’s skin reflects many lessons.

Salmon teaches us trust, strength, determination, willpower, loyalty and tradition. To reclaim our inner-knowing, we must see the opportunity in all situations and stop battling the ‘currents of life’!

Wild Salmon Forever
Then. Now. Forever.

Wild Salmon Forever

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