WSF a Virtual Enterprise

WILD SALMON FOREVER IS A VIRTUAL ENTERPRISE founded by two individuals with like conscious levels and aspirations to show the utmost respect and care for wild salmon, here in British Columbia and in other countries around the globe.

The principal founders of Wild Salmon Forever are… Eddie Gardner and Richard Mayer.

Eddie Gardner     Richard Mayer

We come from different walks in life, bringing a diverse mix of knowledge, experience and passion to Wild Salmon Forever. The real tie that binds is a commitment to broadening and deepening OUR individual and collective consciousness. It is through an ever-deepening consciousness that WE continue to learn and grow by observing Mother Nature, and all living beings and things that exist in the realm of form.

Wild Salmon Forever is a ‘state of mind‘, in service to individuals and organizations on a global scale, as a gatherer of individuals and organizations, and to pool and disseminate the best scientific knowledge and expertise, statistical information and ‘go for it‘ convictions that will make a real difference in perpetuating wild salmon populations, all species… then, now and forever.

The following visuals illustrate the structure and operation of Wild Salmon Forever; please click on the visual to view a larger image…

  1. The virtual form being that of a multi-spoked wheel with an infinite number of spokes with Wild Salmon Forever acting as the ‘hub‘ to link individuals and organizations who exist as a ‘node‘ on the rim of the wheel. WSF as a virtual enterprise will connect and empower individuals and organizations with the collected knowledge, expertise and information. All manner of communications and mediums will be used to accrue and distribute this collective wisdom via an online database.
  2. Individuals or organizations… YOU …will be directly connected to the Wild Salmon Forever database that will store this growing pool of global knowledge, expertise and information.

Wild Salmon Forever as a virtual enterprise         Wild Salmon Forever as a virtual enterprise with YOU connected to the virtual database

The primary purpose and goal of Wild Salmon Forever… cherish and perpetuate all wild salmon.

WSF is encouraging all wild salmon lovers and warriors to unite in this spirit of elevated collective consciousness to get passionately involved in all matters concerning the survival and sustainability of wild salmon. OUR wild salmon and Mother Nature are depending on US for their very survival… now and for the long haul …and forever is such a very l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-n-g time!

We look forward to connecting with one and all for… as the WILD SALMON go… WE go!

Wild Salmon Forever
Then. Now. Forever.

Wild Salmon Forever

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