Salmon are Born to be WILD

Salmon are born to be wild :: photo courtesy of Anissa Reed

Angela Koch and Elly Edwards are ecstatic about wild salmon ~ photo courtesy of Anissa Reed

SALMON ARE BORN TO BE WILD IS A CONCEPT BASED ON A FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE… wild salmon are an integral part of the ‘grand plan‘ by Mother Nature – or whatever word you choose to describe the ‘essence‘ – that is responsible for LIFE on Earth as WE know it.

This photo was posted on the Wild Salmon Forever page on Facebook and has drawn a HUGE RESPONSE from the wild salmon people all around the globe… whether YOU are a LOVER or WARRIOR, this image touched the hearts of more than 18,000 people, and the image continues to garner new likes daily. This is great news… by sharing the good works being done by individuals and organizations who care about wild salmon, WE will affect the necessary change to end the ‘status quo’ with open-net salmon feedlots!

As with any great photo, there is always a GREAT STORY or stories – in this instance – that goes with it. The stories behind this great visual go something like this…

“We were visiting the Tofino area, on a mission to spread our love for wild salmon and all that goes with it. It just so happened that when we were on the beautifully wild west coast of Vancouver Island, a mayors’ meeting was taking place in Ucluelet. Upon receiving a invite to join the meeting, we shared what we were passionate about… wild salmon …their response was enthusiastic… they were interested!

“Following the mayors’ meeting, we spent time at the local docks talking with commercial fishermen… most were lamenting the present conditions, which were disappointing from a fishing point of view. Many saw the connection between poor fishing and the impacts that open-net salmon feedlots were having on the wild salmon stocks, thus their livelihoods. Expressing our empathy with these people who depend on wild salmon, we said our goodbyes and continued on our mission… to spread the word about the uncovery of the PVR virus in salmon farms based in the waters east of Vancouver Island.

The time came to hit the road and head home. As we were driving along Long Beach, the call of the wild growing stronger as we headed south, all of us were thinking… “Let’s stop and enjoy the beach… it’s here… waiting!”

As we meandered along the broad expanse of flat beach, enjoying the beauty of the Pacific coast, we found ourselves in a quiet, contemplative mood, it was perfection in the moment. At one point, Elly began writing in the sand, with Angela joining in, to scribe the words… “Salmon are Born to be Wild” ending with a big heart. We gathered round to admire our writing in the sand, letting it settle in. A freshening wind coming off the surf inspired us to do something zany, to run around our expression of love written in the sand, leaping into the air, the wind extending our ‘hang time’… Elly in particular as she was wearing a cape that the wind captured like a sail, keeping her aloft, looking somewhat like a samurai warrior.

Never one to miss a photo opportunity, Anissa began shooting Elly and Angela as they ran, leaping into the air, enjoying ‘being wild’ on the west coast. Many photos were taken, this image capturing the essence of their love of wild salmon and all that had transpired during their journey to and around Tofino.

It had been a great trip… it was time to head home and share their findings with other wild salmon lovers and warriors.”

When asked to say something from the heart about their trip to the west coast, the mayors’ meeting and the people they had connected with on this journey, and what made this moment extra special, they had this to say…

“We were flying… we did this out of our love for wild salmon… to not do it, would be turning our backs on what holds everything all together.”  –  Angela

“Salmon are truly wild by nature… I can’t imagine a future without wild salmon… for myself and my daughter. This experience reaffirmed why I’m passionate about doing what I can to save the wild salmon in British Columbia.”  –  Anissa

It’s evident, upon hearing their stories behind this photo, that all three women really love wild salmon and all that these iconic fish stand for with respect to life on the BC coast… it’s why BC has come to be know as Super Natural!

If YOU have yet to visit and like the Wild Salmon Forever page on Facebook, please do so… wild salmon in British Columbia and every other country around the globe will LOVE YOU for showing YOU CARE!

Wild Salmon Forever
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