March for Wild Salmon 2013

THE MARCH FOR WILD SALMON took place in March 2013. It was well attended by wild salmon advocates from all walks of life… First Nations, local people from various regions in British Columbia and many coming from much further afield.

The march started at Victory Square in Vancouver, BC, and after speeches and music, the procession headed for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) office some blocks further west. Escorted by a group of Vancouver traffic control officers on motorcycles, it was a sight to behold… blocking downtown traffic, people chanting as they marched to the DFO office.

Our wild salmon advocates were enthusiastic and well received by bystanders taking time to watch the procession. Organizers of the rally opened with speeches in front of the DFO office, inviting several people to say a few words on behalf of BC’s wild Pacific salmon.

All in, it was a peaceful, awareness-raising event that continued to shine a light on the plight of BC’s wild salmon, which are threatened by open net-pen salmon farms that have been or are planned to be, sited on the migration routes of major wild salmon runs in BC.

Enjoy the slideshow and sound track ~ Forever Wild, co-written by Richard Mayer and Dave Karmazyn ~ which is presently being recorded. Once the recording of this song is complete and ready for publication, it will be made available via the WSF web site and Facebook page.

Stay tuned for an update via the WSF blog.

Wild Salmon Forever

Wild Salmon Forever