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Sockeye SalmonWILD SALMON FOREVER IS ON FACEBOOK… please join US in the dialogue to raise our voice in support of WILD SALMON in British Columbia and every other country in the world.

Wild salmon are sacred, iconic symbols of life as we know it. From their emergence as tiny fry in their natal headwaters to their multi-coloured magnificence in the Fall when the salmon return to spawn and start the cycle of life over again, the salmon are representative of power and beauty of Mother Nature in motion.

Truly a renewable resource… if we respect and care for the wild salmon and their environs …these ‘givers of life’ will continue to nourish all living creatures that depend on the fish for their survival: eagles, bears, trout, aquatic insects in the rivers, humankind and much, much more. They – and we – depend on the salmon as a critical source of sustenance to survive.

Visit Wild Salmon Forever on Facebook… be a part of the collective voice that calls out… wild salmon forever!

Wild Salmon Forever
Then. Now. Forever.

Wild Salmon Forever

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